6 easy ways to reduce single-use plastic in the office: what we do at Legend to improve sustainability.

Legend tote bag

We’re pretty passionate about sustainability in the Legend office. Which means we try and avoid single-use plastic as much as possible. We’re stoked the government’s phasing out plastic bags – apparently Kiwis use 1.6 billion* plastic bags every year. Yikes! But why not think beyond the plastic bag and try and use as little plastic as possible. Here’s how we reduce single-use plastic in the Legend office. They’re simple tips that any office (or home!) can do…

Cup of tea

  1. Reusable coffee cups
    Over 295 million* single-use coffee cups end up in landfill every year – and that’s just in New Zealand! 😲 Purchasing a reusable takeaway cup will not only help save the environment but could also save you money. Many cafes offer a discount if you use your own cup.
  2. Reusable takeaway containers
    We’re avid sushi eaters (like, we eat A LOT of sushi). Instead of using the flimsy plastic containers the store provides, we take our own reusable container. In the Legend office alone that probably saves a couple hundred containers a year.
  3. Recycle
    This one may seem pretty simple and while many people recycle at home, a surprising amount of offices don’t. It’s pretty simple to instigate, and you’ll keep the planet happy.
  4. Offer filtered water
    And keep glasses or reusable drink bottles handy. Save those pesky single-use plastic drink bottles for when you’re REALLY desperate.
  5. Check your tea bags
    Did you know most tea bags have plastic in them? Yes the tea bag, not just the packaging. Plastic is used to heat seal the tea bag – most commonly in the form of polypropylene. Some tea bags can also be made of nylon or PET. Yup, we were pretty shocked when we discovered this too. Not only are we ingesting the stuff, but it doesn’t break down in the compost. We use plastic free Trade Aid tea in the Legend office and loose leaf when possible.
  6. Reusable bags
    Bet you knew this one was coming. Keep a couple in the office and get in the habit of taking it with you every time you’re heading out to buy a few office supplies. Or keep one in each bag, car, or pocket just in case you do forget. A third of turtles found dead on New Zealand beaches have swallowed plastic and single-use shopping bags are the most common culprit.* C’mon guys, think of the turtles 🐢