Allen Sun


Allen is our legendary leader. Along with making sure we all behave, his background in management, HR and marketing. This combined with his wealth of experience in sales ensures Legend’s business success! Thankfully, he focuses on the numbers so the rest of us can focus on the creative stuff.

Penny Egerton

Graphic Designer

Pen-ny is definitely mightier than the sword. She’s our legendary graphic designer/wordsmith/mastermind – and dang is she good! As a Taupo local and founding Legend Penny’s your go-to for all things design. From logos to websites and branding, to brand new ideas, we wonder where all the creativity comes from, maybe there’s something in the coffee?

Adrian Montenegro

Graphic Designer

Along with the obvious legendary signage, web and branding design skills, this talented Argentinian brings Legend some seriously epic 3D, AR, animation and illustration skills, and perhaps more importantly, cooks the best empanadas you’ll ever taste! He has a Bachelor of graphic design, loves travelling, and proudly claims that Taupo is one of the friendliest places he’s ever lived.

Jemma Gregory

Graphic Designer

A born and bred Taupo girl with over 12 years experience in the design and marketing industry, Jemma is already well-known around town due to her great work alongside many local businesses. Catch her in her element, helping businesses grow through digital strategy and marketing or whipping up delicious cakes (at Legend we’re grateful for both skill sets!). If you ever wonder how she manages to pack so much in, rumour has it she runs on multiple long blacks a day.

Deangalis Pedro

Web Developer

We are stoked to have Pedro in the Legend family! Meet our incredible, code-cracking web developer who is truly passionate about (and bloody good at) building beautiful websites, apps and games. Multilingual with Portuguese, English, a little Korean and maybe even some Elvish thrown into the mix - legend has it he’s a big LOTR fan!

Fleur Wolstenholme

Web Analyst & SEO Specialist

Armed with a bachelor of science in web development with design and having specialised in data analysis, she’s got the secret key to getting your website working for you through SEO, Google Ads and Analytics. Helping businesses reach their goals through digital strategies is what makes her tick! As a true Brit, she’s fuelled by numerous cups of tea a day, so if you’ve got a question about your Wordpress or Shopify website, the kettle’s always on!

Cassia Belmude


Cassia is our admin strategist and has an incredible brain that likes numbers and logic — a good balance to our creative team! She’s Brazilian and speaks three languages! Portuguese, Spanish, and English (see, told you she had an incredible brain). Legend has it she’s also an expert in house plants, with succulents being her specialty.