Small Business Day – 9th April 2021


Small business day – a national day to celebrate small and local businesses that are the backbone of our country and an initiative to encourage consumers to shop local and shop small to help small businesses and the general economic recovery from the challenges of 2020.

As a small business who works closely alongside many small businesses we know the struggles of the past year and the power and importance of supporting our local and small businesses community. In our industry our success is highlighted only when our clients are successful and this is a key driver of our small passionate team.

Jemma for the Legend team says “I love working in this industry, to be able to support and work alongside many incredible small businesses and see them thrive, especially in Taupo, my beautiful hometown, drives the passion for my job” 

When working in a small business like Legend you get the chance to really connect with your clients and customers, you become part of their wider team or daily routine that grows their business. Often working with many from the ground up you’re across all aspects of the business from the brainstorming, brand development and product launches and execution of marketing campaigns. Having these close relationships within small businesses not only improves the overall outcome, but can also give you the opportunity to network and collaborate with them and their clients and network. 

From local agencies supporting your business growth to the familiar smile that knows your name and coffee order, it is so important now more than ever that we support each other and strive to see our community grow. When we support and spend locally, especially in a small business, that dollar will be spent again and again in our community. Each time, it benefits somebody in our area – supporting a business or a job. It could be spent with your local cafe, hairdresser or boutique that then flows on to the local builders and electirans and then back to the local green grocer and butcher all of whom use local corporates for their accounting, websites and marketing — who we all know run on a lot of coffee.  

Small businesses offer expert assistance and services with a personal touch—so the next time you’re faced with a big business decision or even where to buy a new jumper; think small and shop local. 

Happy small business day from your small yet legendary Legend team.