It takes a Legend to create an icon!


  Fun fact: We use the term ‘icon’ as a bit of a cover-all here at Legend, but there is a difference between icons and symbols. Icons represent things that are visible and they generally look like what they stand … continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of collaborative innovation


Legend’s creative partnership with BluGlass began in 2012, back when both start-up companies were finding their feet in their respective creative markets. As both Legend and BluGlass have changed and developed over the years, we have continued on the brand … continue reading

Small Business Day – 9th April 2021


Small business day – a national day to celebrate small and local businesses that are the backbone of our country and an initiative to encourage consumers to shop local and shop small to help small businesses and the general economic … continue reading

10 Reasons To Update Your Website!


Your website can be a huge asset for your business. Digital presence has a massive impact on helping page visitors turn into happy customers! If you’re not sure whether your current website does a good job, here are 10 aspects … continue reading

Life at Legend – Vol. 1


We have a confession to make. When it comes to creating wonderful websites, building brands, and clever copy, we’ve got you covered… when it comes to staying hydrated, we’re a bit like a duck out of water. Flat whites; mochas; … continue reading