It takes a Legend to create an icon!



Fun fact: We use the term ‘icon’ as a bit of a cover-all here at Legend, but there is a difference between icons and symbols. Icons represent things that are visible and they generally look like what they stand for – ie a plane represents an airport. A symbol on the other hand represents an idea or process and does not resemble what it stands for, ie a red cross means ‘first aid’ or a flag is a symbol for a country.

Great icons can:

  • Help the user understand the information better
  • Provide a quick visual reference to locate what you are looking for – whether you’re looking for contact details, or the men’s bathroom
  • Provide a visual summary of more complex information
  • Become memorable over time and associating text is not necessary – like the plane icon for Airports.
  • Add flair to your design making it more engaging

Icons can be clean, sketchy, outlined, solid, single or multi-colour. But, they should all look cohesive and be on a similar scale

Most icons are created to be legible at very small scales – like on your phone or smart watch, so they’re kept simple with as little detail as possible. But there are instances where very detailed, 3D icons are used.

Examples of icons we have created for clients:


icons build taupo

icons mayfair pools

icons mathai dental

icons alex stewart electrical

icons graft joinery