Celebrating 10 years of collaborative innovation: A decade of high-tech design over the ditch


Legend’s creative partnership with BluGlass began in 2012, back when both start-up companies were finding their feet in their respective creative markets.

As both Legend and BluGlass have changed and developed over the years, we have continued on the brand development journey together, nurturing a close-knit and collaborative relationship.

To describe BluGlass as high-tech is an understatement! Publicly listed on the ASX, they develop cutting edge semiconductor technology in the field of laser diodes and LED products for the global industrial, display, defence and scientific markets.

Our challenge at Legend has been to take information that is super-complex and deliver it in a way that is easily understandable to BluGlass’ consumers and investors.

The relationship between Legend and BluGlass has effortlessly synchronised over the years with similar missions, albeit in very different fields; BluGlass striving ahead by ‘bringing innovation to life’, alongside Legend being ‘leaders in consumer-driven creativity’.

During the past 10 years, Legend has mentored the development of BluGlass’ Brand Identity.

To date, Legend has designed 10 annual reports, completed logo developments, event presentations, animation designs, website development projects, signage and a wide variety of collateral.

We are super-excited to see what the future brings BluGlass — it definitely looks bright!