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Showcasing a high-spec company through an elite website design


Bringing Innovation to Life


BluGlass are a publicly-listed Australian tech company leading the way in laser diode technology and we have loved collaborating with them over the last 9 years.
We have created signage, stationery, presentations, brochures and a lot of annual reports, and it was now time for a new website to showcase their incredible technological advancements.


BluGlass presented to Legend the need to have a website that could display information for both of its end-user groups; Investors and Customers.

The website needed to be informative and appealing to these two groups, yet showcase BluGlass in a seamless, innovative way.

The News section which is key to keeping both investors and customers updated, needed to be front and centre and engaging.


We created a unique custom-menu interface and homepage with a split screen design, to direct the user groups to the information they need the most. The News section is a lot more user-friendly with a clean grid format, different search functions and importantly – it’s easy to update.

Two icons were created to represent the Investor and the Customer; Investors identified in the icon as being around a table, on the inside of the business. The customers were identified as being outside of the table and at the pinnacle of the internal investment structure.

These icons were designed with BluGlass’ proprietary semiconductor reactor technology in mind, representing the viewing portal of a reactor.

The beautifully vivid pink and purple colours were sourced from BluGlass’ unique plasma deposition technology.

Legend’s carefully crafted design was brought to life by our master website developer. The final product showcases BluGlass as an elite-level brand and brings to life their innovative ideas and products.

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