Biz Websites

A beautiful, custom-designed multi-page website that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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5 unique page templates

Our in-house designers will create 5 unique page templates to use across your website. These 5 templates can be utilised across your site, and are often used for:
Single Service
Blog (Holder page)
Single Blog page (Single page)

Also included

Newsletter sign up form
Social Media Links
Social Media Feed
Privacy page
Terms and Conditions page (if required)

Content and copy supplied by you

You know your business best! We can guide you on word count and ensuring your content is SEO friendly. If copy’s not your thing, our
in-house copywriter can do it for you!

Unique, quality imagery help makes your website memorable. If you don’t have high-res photos we can organise a photoshoot for you or help to choose the right stock imagery.

A beautiful custom designed, multi page, website, with individual services pages, blog page and more. Perfect for medium to large businesses who want to showcase their services and provide regular news updates to their customers with an eCommerce add on available.

Social Media

Your website will include links to all your relevant social media channels

Biz Pro Websites

A beautiful custom-designed, multi page, website, with individual project and services pages, gallery, blog and more.

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Biz Websites

A beautiful, custom-designed multi-page website that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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Brochure Websites

A beautiful custom-designed, multi page, website, with the ability to easily add more pages when required.

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Scroller Websites

Do you need the amount of content in a multi-page site, but love the simplicity and functionality of a single page scrolling site? Then the Scroller website package is for you!

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Essentials Websites

A fully templated website. Perfect for businesses who need a simple yet professional online presence with support from local experts.

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eCommerce Websites

Whether you’re launching a business or taking an existing brick and mortar store online, get started quickly and build exactly the store you want.

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The Process

Initial Discussion

We meet to determine your objectives for your new website. We recommend the appropriate web packages and once the quote is accepted we can begin!


Think of it as a road map for your website — this sets out the pages and navigation.


We create a blueprint for the site structure to ensure optimum user experience and to guide you on content creation.


Copy for pages created (by yourself, or Legend can do that for you). Sourcing of imagery determined.

Homepage Design

When you are happy with the homepage look and feel, we’ll continue with the rest of the pages.*

Page Layout Design

We design the composition and look of the unique page layouts (for multi-page sites). This will be based off the approved home page design.**


We build the website to match the design. When the website build is complete, you can start inputting the content.

Content input and training

Once the build is complete you will receive a training session teaching you how to upload your content in WordPress.

Your site goes live! Hooray!

All the final checks and adjustments are made and the website goes live.

Choose a Success Bundle

You're live, now what? Ensure you have the right post project care to meet your goals. Our packages keep your website fresh, functional and on brand.