Clever made beautiful: when stunning craftsmanships meets cutting-edge coding.

SMJ | Stu Martin Joinery

Custom Biz Website, Logo Animation, Signage


The Brief:

Stu Martin Joinery have been creating award-winning joinery in Taupo for over 30 years. It was time for their brand to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of their work. Legend was tasked with creating a website as beautifully crafted and as seamless to use as the products SMJ creates.

The Design:

We started with creating a tagline ‘Clever Made beautiful’ and the website design and copy flowed from this. With stunning photography already on hand, the design was kept minimalist and elegant, using a simple black and white colour palette with pops of lime green.

SMJ are renowned for their attention to detail and incredible carpentry skills. We built on this adding dovetail joints throughout the website to open and close windows.

The design process is an important part of the SMJ difference and needed to be highlighted in a visually exciting way. Check out how we brought it to life here. This animation was carried across to the logo, creating a moving brand that is now used in email signatures and across digital advertising.

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