Adding new flavour to a much-loved brand

Volcanic Coffee

Website, Brand identity, Signage, Packaging



With the Legend office already avid coffee drinkers and addicted to Volcanic Coffee, we were super excited to be given the chance to update the Volcanic branding and website!

From sourcing beans grown in the Ring of Fire, to the extraction process; every aspect of the brand is volcanic in nature. The brand’s new identity needed to capture this incredible story.


A bold, solid V for Volcanic formed the logo-mark with a smaller volcano in the negative space. When flipped upside down, the V forms two volcanoes and when multiplied makes a bold, geometric pattern.

We created a bright yet earthy colour palette for the new brand, inspired by the natural volcanic colours in the central plateau.

We designed and developed a new WordPress website that shares more of the unique Volcanic Coffee story, and their commitment to quality and the environment.

If you’re looking for a locally-roasted coffee that packs a punch – check out their new site here.

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